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Kitchen Worktops Enhanced with TopOil

A Brighton couple was looking for a product that would refresh their heavily worn, wooden worktops in the kitchen. With a brand-new worktop out of the question, they chose Osmo UK to provide a high-quality, durable finish that would give the surface a new lease of life.

The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home — it’s a place to cook, eat and socialise with family and friends. While this is enjoyable, continuous use of the surface can lead to cosmetic damage; with stains, saucepan marks and water damage contributing to a tired looking worktop. 

It was for this reason that this Brighton couple chose to rejuvenate their wooden worktops. Having originally moved into their home in 2012, they began to notice that the worktops were beginning to look marked, stained and unloved. However, they wanted to retain the wooden texture and look that was important to the warmth of this open plan kitchen space. Rather than invest in a new and potentially expensive replacement worktop, they looked for a solution that would improve imperfections and provide protection for many years to come. 

A recommendation from their carpenter led to the couple choosing TopOil from Osmo UK, a microporous natural hardwax-oil finish known for its durability and hardwearing nature.

Before application, the worktop was sanded down to remove any scratches or surface stains. The first coat of TopOil 3058 Clear Matt was then applied using a flat brush. Once dry, a second coat was applied by cloth.

TopOil is almost odourless, contains no biocides or preservatives and will not crack, flake, peel or blister. The finish achieved with Osmo TopOil ensures the worktop is impervious to a wide range of liquids, such as wine, beer and cola. 

“Over the years, our worktops have experienced plenty of marks from water and heat damage. TopOil provides a protective coating that means in the event of a spill, liquids can be easily wiped from the surface without leaving a stain” comments the homeowner. “I’m really pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Osmo to anyone who is looking for an affordable yet, professional finish.”

Available in seven different shades, there is a finish to suit all wood species. The clear finish places emphasis on the wood’s natural grain and helped to retain its light colouring. This was a key factor for this couple, as they wanted the wooden worktops to still match their existing laminate floor.