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A Victorian Wooden Floor is Restored Using Polyx®-Oil

Self-confessed amateur DIY-ers, Andy and El, bought a previously unloved Victorian Terrace in Bristol in July 2019 and embarked on a renovation project on a budget. One of the main rooms to get a makeover was the downstairs front room. Once the renovations in this area were complete, the plan was to re-carpet the floor. However, when the couple removed the old carpet, they discovered that original Victorian pine flooring lay beneath it. Straight away, the decision was made to restore the flooring back to its former glory.

Some of the floorboards were damaged or tarnished, and the floor structure below was rotten in places. To do the job properly, Andy and El lifted the floorboards to expose the suspended wooden joist structure below and began repairing and replacing all rotten joists and treating each with a preservative.

Once this stage was complete, the floorboards were re-laid, and the entire floor was sanded. The couple was on the lookout for a wood finish and Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil was recommended to them. Andy and El spent time reading the excellent online reviews and decided to opt for the 3062 Clear Matt finish as they wanted to retain the wood’s natural characteristics. They were also drawn to the toughness and durability of the product as they have two dogs.

Polyx®-Oil is a premium wood finish capable of keeping wooden surfaces in top condition. Ideal for solid or engineered wood flooring, it is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. Polyx®-Oil also contains no biocides or preservatives and is safe for humans, animals and plants when dry.

“Applying the finish was incredibly simple” comments Andy. “We started with a thin first coat and immediately the floor started to look great. After finishing the first coat, we were incredibly impressed with the way the product enhanced the natural features of the wood. After the first coat had dried, we applied another thin coat as per instructions, and the final appearance once dried was immaculate. We are extremely happy with the excellent, professional finish to our floor.”

Offering all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish, Polyx®-Oil allows the natural texture of the wood to still be apparent. Polyx®-Oil also offers a high level of wear protection that can occasionally be topped up without sanding when required. The finished surface is also spot repairable.   Polyx®-Oil’s natural components penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish. This allows the wood to breathe naturally. After treatment, the wood is nourished from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water repellent, stain resistant and more hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

“We are planning to restore more floorboards in our house and would not use anything else to finish the job” adds Andy. “We will be using Polyx®-Oil Tints 3073 Terra to achieve a different, yet equally fantastic finish. In fact, we also plan on using this Osmo UK finish for a TV stand, coffee table and shelving.”

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