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Osmo UK Puts the L in Love

A garden love seat was in much need of tender loving care, so the homeowner, who is a fan of Osmo UK products, decided to take the opportunity to protect the seat whilst also providing a splash of colour into the garden.

Having been in the garden for several years, the love seat was damaged due to its age as well as the external elements. Even though it had previously been treated with a wood preserve, the warm summers and cold winters had taken its toll. Wanting to ensure that the finish that was applied this time would be long lasting, the homeowner decided to use Osmo Country Colour.

“I’ve used Osmo UK products on many previous projects, including recently on an outdoor table and chairs, so I knew that it would be a good decision to use Country Colour on the love seat,” explains David, the homeowner. “We wanted a nice splash of colour and seeing as we’d had a shade of blue previously, decided to go with 2507 Dove Blue.

“The beauty of Country Colour is that it has an opaque finish that looks very much like a traditional paint but behaves very differently. I very much liked the fact that the product will not crack, peel and blister. It’s also very safe once it has dried. To get the best results, I did need to sand back the timber to a bare surface. The wood was quite absorbent so there was no need to weather it outside for a while before applying the product. I simply applied two thin coats, allowing drying between each coat.

This wasn’t the only positive of using Country Colour, it’s easy to apply, eco-friendly, the coverage of the finish is excellent, and the end result is fantastic – the seat looks brand new.” 

Country Colour is an opaque, satin wood finish that is UV resistant, protecting the wood from harmful UV rays that cause discolouration. The finish is ideal for renewing previously stained, weathered or discoloured wood surfaces. Its deep rich colour hides the grain and colour of the wood but ensures that the natural feel and texture is maintained. The unique microporous formula is created with natural vegetable oils, this allows the wood to breathe whilst nourishing the wood at the same time

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