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Osmo UK Colours and Protects Bird Box

Osmo UK Country Colour finishes are used on many outdoor wooden surfaces, including fences and cladding, but woodworking expert and YouTube blogger, Peter Parfitt, has taken it a step further and used this renowned product to creatively decorate and protect a wooden bird box.

Peter’s video – www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACdUvOI_pmA – presents viewers with step-by-step instructions to create their very own bird box. He started the process by cutting the wood pieces, creating rebates in the necessary places in the wood, sawing the wood and then sanding it. At this stage, the various detailing began to allow Peter to glue and staple the bird box together.

Before attaching the front elements, Peter applied two coats of Osmo UK Country Colour 2507 Dove Blue and 2311 Signal Red with a small brush. Whilst the deep rich colour will hide the natural colour and grain of the wood, the natural feel and texture remains, creating a bright but natural finish. These decorative pieces were then attached, along with the front peg to complete the bird box. 

Country Colour is extremely weatherproof, UV resistant, durable and the dried coating is safe for humans, animals, and plants. The product is available in a wide selection of colours from the lush Fir Green – perfect as a camouflage of lighter coloured wood, to Nordic Red, which will really stand out as well as the contemporary Labrador Blue and Pebble Grey providing a more modern look, whilst Sunflower Yellow and Cedar offer traditional alternatives.

Country Colour can be applied to a wide variety of bare hard and soft wood species. Based on natural vegetable oils, the finish penetrates the wood, and this reduces the risk of cracking, peeling and blistering. When dry, the finish allows the wood to breathe and avoids water logging. Water logging often leads to the bowing of the timber. Requiring only two coats, it can be applied thinly using a roller or brush and has an approximate drying time of 10-12 hours.

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