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Dog Bed


Osmo UK Gets Tails Wagging

When a dog lover in Horsham was looking for a wood finish to apply to her new dog bed, Osmo was at the top of her list. Having had previous experience using Osmo products, she knew that the product would not only provide a hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing finish, but that it would be safe for her beloved dog.

Alice Cox had initially turned to Osmo when she wanted to upcycle an old shed with an eco-friendly finish. She applied Osmo Country Colour to the shed and was delighted with the end result. Naturally, when it came to looking for a finish that would be suitable for use on a dog bed, she once again turned her attention to Osmo UK.

Having built a rectangular dog bed out of mix of reclaimed wood, mostly pine, Alice looked for a colour that would allow the bed to be a fashionable piece of furniture that was in keeping with the colour design in the house. Whilst there are 186 RAL and 1950 NCS colour tones to choose from within the Country Colour range, Alice selected a standard light grey Country Colour as the preferred finish.

“First and foremost, my key requirement was that the finish was pet friendly. My new dog will be sleeping in this bed every day, so I had to be confident that the products used would be safe for humans, animals and plants when dry. On top of this, I wanted the bed to fit in with the contemporary look of my home, and for the finish to be quick and easy to apply,” commented Alice.

"I knew that Osmo would be the best choice for this project as it’s wood finishes meet all our requirements. I am very happy with the end result, as is Pippin, who has been sleeping in his new bed ever since.”

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