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Kitchen Worktop


Seamless Surfaces Achieved with Polyx-Oil

With the famous spring clean season amongst us, professional decorator, JGDecorator was contracted to renovate and refresh a composite oak kitchen worktop and shelving area in a family home. Thanks to its hardwearing properties and aesthetically pleasing finish, Osmo Polyx®-Oil was the ideal choice to rejuvenate the high traffic surfaces.

The kitchen has a classic countryside look to it, so the client requested a natural finish that wouldn’t distract from design of the room. Jonathan Graham, a partner in JGDecorator, recognised that the traditional oil-based finish that Osmo supplies would meet these requirements, while also providing a durable and protective finish that is essential in the kitchen.

Preparation of the project began by degreasing the existing surfaces. JGDecorator then sanded the surfaces achieving an even texture. Dust was removed with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush.

Jonathan then applied two thin coats of the clear Osmo finish using a synthetic brush. The rich natural colours within the wood were intensified and wetted by the clear product. Osmo Polyx®-Oil finishes contain natural vegetable oils that help to nourish the wood, whilst the inherent plant waxes offer a durable wear layer. Following the penetration of the product, the dried surface offers a highly repellent surface whilst displaying much of the beauty and texture within the wood. Additional sanding of the surface was not required. Once dried, the finish achieved a rich semi sheen, completing the country kitchen look.

“I was extremely happy with the finished project” comments Jonathan. “I knew Polyx®-Oil would provide a long lasting, hardwearing and natural appearance, perfect for the well-used kitchen surfaces.”

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