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Polyx®-Oil Provides Stunning Satin Finish

Hertford Flooring has been installing wooden flooring throughout the UK since 1985. Establishing themselves as a wood flooring specialist, the company offers customers solid wood flooring that is finished by hand by their team of experts.

A recent project in Oakwood, London, saw the homeowners want solid wood floor in an arts and crafts movement style design. Before the floor was laid, the team fitted 9mm plywood, fully secured to the sub-floor. Rustic grade French oak blocks were then laid in a basket weave design, with a one block border and a wenge pencil line to give it extra detail.

To provide protection and a stunning satin finish, the Hertford Flooring team applied two coats of Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil 3032 Clear, Satin with a roller. Polyx®-Oil is a premium wood finish capable of keeping wooden floors in top condition. Ideal for solid or engineered wood flooring, it is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. Polyx®-Oil also contains no biocides or preservatives and is safe for humans, animals and plants when dry.  

Offering all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish, Polyx®-Oil allows the natural texture of the wood to still be apparent. It also offers a high level of wear protection that can occasionally be topped up without sanding when required. The finished surface is also spot repairable. 

Polyx®-Oil’s natural components penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish that does not crack, flake, peel or blister. After treatment, the wood is nourished from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water repellent, stain resistant and more hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands.

Hertford Flooring’s customer was over the moon with their new floor and commented: “We are delighted with the work. The floor looks stunning. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional approach.”

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