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Fence Facelift During Lockdown

Life in lockdown has seen many people complete DIY projects that they have been putting off for months, if not years. While some have laid a new floor and others have applied a finish to their kitchen worktop, a homeowner in Eastbourne focussed her attention outdoors and has given her garden fence a facelift.

The homeowner, Shereen Russell, purchased the new build property in August 2017 and having enjoyed three summers in the garden, the fence had aged and turned grey. When lockdown hit the UK in March and the country started enjoying an uncharacteristically warm spring, Shereen decided that it was time to get to work.

“I am very familiar with Osmo and the reputation that the company has for high-quality wood finishes,” commented Shereen. “In fact, I’ve been searching for a project, just so that I could finally use the products myself. I wasn’t totally sure of which would be the best product to use, so I sought the advice of the team at Osmo UK and together, we decided that Natural Oil Woodstain 702 Larch would be a great choice.”

A decorative product for all exterior wood, Natural Oil Woodstain offers a high-quality finish that allows the wood to breathe and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage. Acting as a protection against all weather conditions, it prevents mould, algae and fungal decay as well ensuring the wood doesn’t crack, flake, peel or blister. Aside from the colour Shereen selected, Natural Oil Woodstain is available in 18 other colour zones – anything from Pine to Mahogany and Walnut to Fir Green.

To begin the project, Shereen wiped down the fence to ensure the surface was clean and dry. After stirring the Natural Oil Woodstain thoroughly, she started application using a hand brush. Following the grain of the wood, the finish spread easily and evenly.

“I am really pleased with the end result,” adds Shereen. “I had artificial grass laid in the garden and the new colour of the fence really enhances and complements the colour of the grass, as well as the planters that I have placed along the back. The grey fence had bothered me last summer, so it’s great to finally have the project completed, and to enjoy the long evenings with a fence that looks as good as new.”

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