Domestic, hard and durable. For centuries people have built with oak when houses and decking should last for a long time. The heavy, thick wood is shock-resistant, and its natural ingredients keep pests away. The smooth surface accentuates the grain of the oak especially well.

As well as creating an outdoor space to relax in, decking not only updates the look of a property but can also increase its market value. Decked areas provide usable, solid outdoor space. Wood as a natural construction material opens both creative and technical possibilities whilst lending a beautiful optic to your decking.

  • High quality white oak from European forests

  • Very hard wood

  • Naturally resistant to fungi, mould and insects

  • High levels of tannin acid

  • Not suitable for hidden fixation systems

Choose your decking boards:


Thickness Width Length Ref
21 145 150/200/250 646 25 200


Thickness Width Length Ref
21 145 250 646 29 000


Thickness Width Length Ref
21 145 250 646 28 800

Note: All measurements in mm, boards are installed via T&G connection. Application of Osmo Decking-Oil or Natural Oil Woodstain is recommended after installation.