Siberian Larch

Larch is the most durable of all pinewood species because its resin acts like a natural impregnation. The natural wood grain of Larch stands out beautifully in our smooth decking.

Siberian Larch has slow growth properties which make it harder than European Larch. However, in terms of durability – which depends less on hardness than on ingredients – it is comparable to European Larch.

As well as creating an outdoor space to relax in, decking not only updates the look of a property but can also increase its market value. Decked areas provide usable, solid outdoor space. Wood as a natural construction material opens both creative and technical possibilities whilst lending a beautiful optic to your decking.

  • Good structural properties

  • Good value for money

  • Diversified wood grain and knots

  • Easy to install

Choose your decking boards:


Thickness Width Length Ref
27 143 300 646 34 600


Thickness Width Length Ref
27 143 300 646 34 500


Thickness Width Length Ref
27 143 300 646 34 700

Note: All measurements in mm, boards are installed via T&G connection. Application of Osmo Decking-Oil is recommended approx. 6 weeks after installation.