Product Description

Taylor Nu-Floor Concrete Barrier & Adhesive Encapsulator aka 'Encap 500' is a multi-functional two-component, solvent-free, water based epoxy barrier coating specifically engineered for use as an adhesive encapsulator over pre-existing adhesive residue. Taylor Encap 500 provides an excellent barrier coating over residue from cutback adhesives, multi-purpose adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives. With long term water and humidity resistance, as well as good solvent, chemical and corrosion resistance. Taylor Encap 500 will provide adhesion to damp concrete and has a rapid room temperature cure. 



Approx. coverage : 6.6m²/L
Application tools : Brush or Medium nap paint roller
Flammability : Non-flammable
Approx. drying time :  3-4 hours.
Sizes: 5L

Recommended Use

Specifically recommended for use where new vinyl back floor coverings are being installed, to prevent plasticisers in the vinyl back materials from reactivating or further plasticising the pre-existing adhesive. May also be used as concrete floor sealer for sealing against udst and porosity, preventing over-absorption of newly applied adhesive into the subfloor.


  • Concrete floors over one year old with high moisture readings are usually indicative of a chronic underlying moisture source problem which must be determined prior to the wood flooring installation.

  • Intended as a barrier coating prior to installation of new flooring and is not intended as a stand-alone final floor covering.

  • Call Taylor Technical on 1-800-868-4583 ext. 221 for installation instructions on wood over 5 inches wide or 6 feet long.


Product Specification

Guidelines for preparation and method of application


GreenGuard certificate of compliance for low chemical emissions


Safety and technical data