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A tree needs to grow 100 years and more until it has developed into a solid quality. The same can be said for Osmo as a company with a history of handling, processing and protecting the natural resource of wood which spans the same length of time. Today, Osmo is one of the leading producers and providers of modern wood products with which you can individually design the whole domestic living and garden area as well as commercial buildings and public spaces.

Our History

  • 1878

    Founded Osmo

    Osmo Holz und Color was originally founded as a dealer of wood and building materials in Neheim, Germany.

  • 1900

    Moved to the port in Münster

    When the wood specialist moved to Münster in the year 1900, the foundation was laid for the company of today.

  • 1964

    Production of Osmo Color

    Osmo completes its finishing with self-developed and self-produced colours and surfaces. The vegetable resources used within the treatments are purified and refined and are safe for human, animal and plant.

    Wood and colour from one source. Osmo Color was known as the branding of the renowned natural wood finishes from Osmo.

  • 1976

    Production of Osmo Gard

    Established production of garden products including summerhouses, carports, fencing, screens and decking.

  • 1978

    Developed Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin

    The first spreadable wax, a classic still today.

  • 1980

    Developed Wood Wax Finish

    Introduced the first generation of wax and oil-based finishes.

  • 1983

    Developed Natural Oil Woodstain

    Oil-based long-term protection for the exterior. At the time of development the product was initially branded 'Osmo Wood Stain & Protector'.

  • 1985

    Developed One Coat Only HS

    The first 'High Solid' product, which contains only a small amount of solvent.

  • 1990

    Founded Osmo UK

    That's us! Next year we celebrate 30 years of business and partnership with Osmo Holz und Color.

    Osmo UK began a remarkable journey in January 1990, as owner Steve Grimwood had the vision, passion and determination to grow the successful business that it is today.

    Steve had founded the company whilst living with his parents at a small home in North Ruislip. Small quantities of stock were kept in his garage as he spotted the potential of Osmo’s natural wood finishes (Osmo Color) in the UK.
    Shortly after, Steve moved to Ickenham where he grew the business until 1997. In 1997, Osmo UK began trading at a small warehouse in Stocklake Business Park in Aylesbury. The new premises permitted Steve to employ members of staff for the warehouse as well as the small office. With customers able to receive the customer service and support required, sales grew rapidly with the stock outgrowing the warehouse in a period of 8 years. Osmo UK moved to Anglo Business Park in 2005 to a larger warehouse almost treble in size.
    Ten years later and Osmo UK is now entirely operational with an increase in staff members, the warehouse team can despatch hundreds of orders within a single week, providing quick and reliable deliveries from an exceptionally high volume of orders. The office team can provide complete and comprehensive training and support for the suppliers, professionals and DIY-users of the Osmo range.

    The branding of Osmo has grown a stature that is well-known within the wood industry around the world. In line with its forward-looking vision, Osmo UK has grew remarkably well in achieving its various targets over the past two and a half decades. The year gone by has saw the company’s growth scale to new levels as it continued to march toward even further achievements and new goals, with the product range growing each year to meet the ongoing demands of architects and each customer’s individual preference. Osmo UK can progress with the prosperity, growth, expansion and development with confidence and are delighted to have a proud history with an even better future ahead of us.

  • 1995

    Developed Polyx®-Oil

    Introduced the renowned Osmo Polyx®-Oil, known at the time as 'The Original Hardwax-Oil' which is developed from a unique combination of natural oils and waxes.

  • 1999

    Developed Decking Oils

    Development of Larch-Oil and Bangkirai-Oil, special oils designed for the use on decking.

  • 2000

    Developed Polyx®-Oil Pure

    Free of solvents and water, the first 'Full Solid' product is developed, for professionals.

  • 2002

    Newly built administration building

    Moved headquarters to Warendorf, which allowed the expansion of the logistics centre and warehousing in Münster with a total storage area of approx. 7,500 m² .

  • 2003

    Developed TopOil

    Food-safe protection for work surfaces.

  • 2004

    Developed Uviwax®

    Clear protection against yellowing for coniferous wood and for the planing industry.

  • 2005

    FSC certification

    Osmo is FSC certified for production and trade by an independent institute. Approved products are marked with the FSC logo in the catalogue.

  • 2008

    Production of pre-finished Cladding and Creativ-Flooring

    Coloured treatment of cladding and Creativ-Flooring as of 1 m²

  • 2009

    Development of UV-Protection Oil

    The first ever clear UV-protected finish for the exterior! Currently, it is the best-selling product of the exterior range.

  • 2009

    Development of UV-Polyx®

    Industrial floor coating, matt and free of solvents.

  • 2010

    Development of Poly®-Oil 2K

    Further development of the 'Full Solid' range. Free of solvents, latest generation of Polyx®-Oils. Two part system includes a hardener which rapidly reduces the duration of drying and curing. A major advantage for the professionals for commercial use.